Friday, January 25, 2013

A Little Extra Love

Leave a "Love Note"  (in the comments section) for the beautiful, strong mothers of beautiful children with a "little something extra" this Valentine's Day.


  1. To all the new mothers out there. You are about to start the most Wonderful Journey EVER!!!!! I have a 11 month old son with Down syndrome. I didn't know before he was born he was waiting to share this Wonderful secret with us. That's just what it is - Wonderful!!!! I can not begin to tell you how much love and joy he has brought us!!!! He is simply AMAZING. Your little one is AMAZING too!!!! When you look into their Beautiful eyes filled with so much love just know they will Amaze you. It took Jonathan awhile to sit up. He did this for the longest on January 15 (yes, you will remember the dates because they will mean so much more to you knowing how much effort they had to put into something). He Amazed me the next day by figuring out all by himself how to push himself up to sit!!!! You have been given a treasure for God!!!! Love your child and embrace them, they are so much more then a diagonsis on a piece of paper. They are your Precious Angel!!!!!

  2. I received a love Note from a young mom who wanted me to post this anonymously:

    Dear "just found out" Mama:

    I wanted to say that if you just got a Dx, that I understand your sorrow and fears. That I promise you will get better. You will be surprised how much people will support you! Please do not loose hope and breath, cry, write down your feelings...No everybody reacts the same, so allow yourself to feel whatever comes to you.

    You have done nothing to cause this condition. It is not your fault.

    We are here to listen and support you. And most of all, enjoy your pregnancy!

    Tons of hugs!!!

  3. From a Mama of Four:

    For those loving and special moms of the children that embrace life to the fullest. God chooses those with the most compassionate hearts to love His most precious children. Those who can love and receive love unconditionally. That's you!