Friday, November 8, 2013

Goodbye and Hello

The time has come for us to change over to our new blog and make it official. This blog will be retired as we bring to life our venture with our families.  A huge thank you to all of our regular readers and supporters.  We hope you come along with us on this new venture.  Throughout our planning and restructuring we purposed to become more cohesive and accessible to our community.

The official release for the new blog will be Fall 2014 along with our premiere publication.  In the meantime, we are releasing an information page for families interested in submitting their stories.

Visit us at jordyn + jordan.

With love,

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In Need of...

I have a few updates to announce today:

Yellow [Wagon] Campaign is set to launch this Fall! Our primary focus will be spreading awareness within our community through promotional literature, our presence at various events, prayer/support groups and an exciting new addition in the works. I am in great need of high school and college students with a heart for missions willing to volunteer or intern with us to create an Early Intervention Resource Center for Inclusion. How exciting is that?

In order to make this happen we have been searching for a few necessities such as housing, partnering teachers/schools/churches, grants/funds. While it is likely that we can save a lot by not actually purchasing a building, being in the Midwest we will need some sort of housing throughout the year as committing to do all of this work in the changing weather is obviously not plausible.

In other news, due to the amount of time and planning that it is taking to plan out each individual nursery, the Orphan Nursery Project will not be taking in any other nursery designs outside of the submissions that have already been made. However, I will continue to offer each featured child with a handmade blanket and cuddlie dedicated in their name. It is my hope that we will be able to focus on expanding this project in the future.

Finally, the business cards with all the cuties submitted are still being processed. I trust that the talented artist I am working with will come through with an amazing outlay for these. As soon as I get the proofs I will submit them to each family for permission to print prior to ordering. If you would like copies please let me know. Also, the Dx publication is targeted to launch in February 2014 just in time for Valentine's Day. You still have time to submit your stories and pictures for those who are interested.

I am certainly learning that in everything there is a great deal of prayer and patience that is needed. I am asking for your prayers that God will provide all that we need throughout this journey.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Warrior Soul in Need of a Family

What a cutie I have to introduce to you today. He has been waiting so long for a loving family. I can only imagine the loneliness he feels as he struggles to cope with the physical pain that too many children battle with. However, he is fighting this battle without a mother to soothe his fears as he faces an unknown future. Mark is a warrior fighting leukemia and he needs a family to love him and stand beside him. Will that family be you?

It is our hope that you will be courageous for Mark and take a step of faith. If finances are holding you back you have an army of believers ready to support you in fundraising. We are praying for you.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Memorable Mother's Day

Hoping you had a very memorable Mother's Day.  Here are a few memories that I revisited this Mother's Day.  Enjoy!

Dear Lovey,
From a very early stage we began bonding, just you and I.         
We were preparing for this journey that God had in store for us--through laughter and tears, reaching up from the dark valleys and shouting with joy from the tops of mountains.
You have brought me so much joy.
May God continue to fill your life with treasured moments like those we've captured on film throughout the years.
You chuckle at the sight of a younger you. What seems like just a few days ago has turned into months, years. You lasso every day with your beautiful smile and the beam of curiosity that passes through your eyes.  Keep your gaze upon the Lord sweet child for He will never depart from your heart.
Love you beyond the Stars,

Friday, May 3, 2013

Empty Nests to Fill

Yesterday was National Day of Prayer and I must say prayers have been lifted up for the children beneath our Orphan Warrior wings. Of the children we help advocate for, four of them have been promised to a family: Elvis, Steve, Laura and Ruthie. This is amazing news because four new families have been born. However, this means we now have empty nests to fill as well.

When I visited Reece's Rainbow recently my heart clung to a beautiful little girl in need of a family and support. While our blog is focused on supporting families with children diagnosed with Down Syndrome, God placed this child on my heart and I couldn't ignore the constant cry from my heart when I looked into her big gorgeous brown eyes. As with all the children that we feature here, if there was an opportunity to be a family to one of these children I would without hesitation, but it is not yet my time. I am hoping it may be your time. Perhaps God is calling you. Consider Annie.

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy

Annie was abandoned at age one. Though she is limited physically her spirits are high. She has such a radiant smile and loves being involved in games and play. She has been on medication for her seizures which has been effective. 

Check out more information on how she has already made such a huge impact on the lives of those who have gotten to know her.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Double Blessings

What an AMAZING blessing to see that two more precious children have been promised to a family: Laura & Steve. Congratulations, the birth of two new families!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Meeting Melia

Introducing Melia...
Diagnosis: Down Syndrome, congenital heart defect, pigeon chest.

This precious girl was abandoned at 28 months. She has grown since then. She is able to walk alone and is independent with self care. She is described as a compassionate and helpful child who knows right from wrong. She is coming upon 7 years old this September. Wouldn't it be a joy if she could be promised to family by then? Help us to get her home to a loving family.